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Kawasaki Staffa – HMC Motors

The HMC series variable displacement models have two pre-set displacements which can be chosen
from a wide range to suit specific application requirements. These motors are also available in a
continuously variable version using either hydro-mechanical or electro-hydraulic control methods.

  • 492 to 5,326cc displacements in 7 frame sizes
  • 250 bar continuous pressure rating
  • Dynamic displacement change
  • Freewheel option available
  • Constant horsepower control option



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Brochure Cover Page


General Description

Ordering Code - Model Coding-1

Ordering Code - Model Coding-2

Shaft Options

Main Port Connections

Special Features - Table

Special Features - High Pressure Shaft Seal

Special Features - Improved Shaft Seal Life

Special Features - Improved Caviation Resistance

Special Features - Anti-Pooling Bolt Heads

Special Features - Increased Starting Torque-1

Special Features - Increased Starting Torque-2

Special Features - Anti-Clockwise Rotation

Special Features - Thermal Shock Resistance-1

Special Features - Thermal Shock Resistance-2

Special Features - Drain Port Adaptors

Special Features - Mounting Hole Diameter

Special Features - Marine Specification Primer Paint

Technical Information - Performance Data-1

Technical Information - Performance Data-2

Technical Information - Performance Data-3

Technical Information - Performance Data-4

Technical Information - Performance Data-5

Technical Information - Performance Data-6

Technical Information - Performance Data-7

Technical Information - Performance Data-8

Technical Information - Volumetric Efficiency Data

Technical Information - Shaft Power Calculation

Technical Information - Functional Symbols

Technical Information - Stress Limits

Technical Information - Bearing Life Notes

Technical Information - Circuit and Application Notes-1

Technical Information - Circuit and Application Notes-2

Technical Information - Circuit and Application Notes-3

Technical Information - Motor Operation at Low Temperature

Technical Information - Crankcase Drain Connections

Technical Information - Freewheeling Notes

Technical Information - Constant Pressure Regulator (CP)

Technical Information - Installation Data

Dimensions - HMC030-1

Dimensions - HMC030-2

Dimensions - HMC030-3

Dimensions - HMC030-4

Dimensions - HMC045-1

Dimensions - HMC045-2

Dimensions - HMC045-3

Dimensions - HMC045-4

Dimensions - HMC080-1

Dimensions - HMC080-2

Dimensions - HMC080-3

Dimensions - HMC080-4

Dimensions - HMC080-5

Dimensions - HMC080-6

Dimensions - HMC080-7

Dimensions - HMC125-1

Dimensions - HMC125-2

Dimensions - HMC125-3

Dimensions - HMC125-4

Dimensions - HMC125-5

Dimensions - HMC125-6

Dimensions - HMC125-7

Dimensions - HMC200-1

Dimensions - HMC200-2

Dimensions - HMC200-3

Dimensions - HMC200-4

Dimensions - HMC200-5

Dimensions - HMC200-6

Dimensions - HMC270-1

Dimensions - HMC270-2

Dimensions - HMC270-3

Dimensions - HMC270-4

Dimensions - HMC270-5

Dimensions - HMC270-6

Dimensions - HMC325-1

Dimensions - HMC325-2

Dimensions - HMC325-3

Dimensions - HMC325-4

Dimensions - HMC325-5

Speed Sensing Options


Installation Drawings

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Spares Drawings

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HMC030 - HMC200

HMC270 - HMC325


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